woensdag 24 april 2013

Love is blind.

Hey guys!
Yesterday I had to work 'till 6pm. In my break I went to the h&m and I saw some really cool items.
I didn't had the time to try them so i'll go back tomorrow.
Yesterday I wore my h&m 'love is blind shirt' with pastel details. It has a great print and a zipper on the back. I Always combine it with my zara studded shorts or with a leather tregging. Some jewelry and nail polish and my beanie on my head and I'm ready to go.
New post this evening or tomorrow.


dinsdag 23 april 2013

Parka time.

Hello and welcome on my fashion blog.
This is my first post on my blog, as you can see.
I'm a real fashion-addict and I always wanna know about the new trends.
Friends told my I should start a blog... but I thought: ''nobody is gonna look at it'', so I didn't made one.
This evening I made a lookbook account and I posted my first look on it (see the parka-look above).
Tommorow I have to work first and then i'll show you a new look. :)

Goodnight, xoxo

Army parka, Vintage, boyfriend
Shirt, Zara, zara.com
Satchel, Zatchels, zatchels.com
Sandals, Manfield, manfield.com
Bracelet, Invito, invito.com