dinsdag 23 april 2013

Parka time.

Hello and welcome on my fashion blog.
This is my first post on my blog, as you can see.
I'm a real fashion-addict and I always wanna know about the new trends.
Friends told my I should start a blog... but I thought: ''nobody is gonna look at it'', so I didn't made one.
This evening I made a lookbook account and I posted my first look on it (see the parka-look above).
Tommorow I have to work first and then i'll show you a new look. :)

Goodnight, xoxo

Army parka, Vintage, boyfriend
Shirt, Zara, zara.com
Satchel, Zatchels, zatchels.com
Sandals, Manfield, manfield.com
Bracelet, Invito, invito.com

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