zaterdag 4 mei 2013


New Lookbook post 3 May 2013:

Today was a sunny day, so I decided to wear something summer-casual:
My brand new 'STAY WEIRD' shirt from MenatWork with a triangel necklace, combined with wasted denim shorts from Zara and a pastel coloured checked shirt from H&M 'round my waist. I finished my outfit with a pair of white converse.

Want to see more? Go to my lookbook:

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1. STAY WEIRD tee, 8mm,
2. Checked shirt, H&M,
3. Denim shorts, Zara,
4. Necklace, H&M,
5. White Converse, Converse,

7 opmerkingen:

  1. nice look :)

  2. Nice outfit, love a shirt tied round the waist look xx

  3. Nice look!
    I like it;)
    Thanks for the comment and visiting my blog;)
    Let me know if u want follow each other:)
    Kisses x


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